Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese Craft Books

What is it about Japanese craft books that have everyone going ga-ga? I've been drooling over the many photos of various Japanese craft books that so many bloggers have shared. I suppose it's the thrill of the chase, the beautiful photographs, the 'new' approach to everyday things, or perhaps it's just the feelings that the pictures convey to us. Too bad my library doesn't carry them. But then again, I'd probably save $$ by just buying a few of them rather than borrowing them and paying off exorbitant overdue fees! However, thanks to birthday gifts from my Mom, I can now look AND keep these inspiring ideas. As the woman behind the counter said, "When I look at these pictures...it just makes me...happy." Exactly. Enjoy.

You've seen this one before, so I won't show too many other photos.

This purse uses a flour sack as the base. See whipup for another purse made from a rice sack.

Another little purse that I like.

Another oldie but goodie.

Scenes from a mobile.

A little cute dog pencil case. Felted, of course.

It would be unbearable if I did not include this little guy.

My third book. Thanks, Mom.

Felted purses from Tanu.

Tiny felted penguins.

Now, if only I would learn to needle felt. It's somewhat intimidating, but these pictures make it look so appealing.


Claire Louise Milne said...

Thanks for sharing your Japanese book pictures - I feel the same way, the pictures make me feel happy! I adore those adorable penguins.

Deirdre said...

Love those penguins!