Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meet Hurrayic, Ben Ben, & Tom

Hello. After many many months of lurking and hemming and hawing, Hurrayic has finally decided to join the world of blogging. A big thank you to my talented brother for some technical stuff. See his work here and here.
Another big thank you to Dane for creating the word, hurrayic. I had tried to find a title for this blog that was unique and found I was floundering, floundering, floundering. Then one day I mentioned a special treat that Dane and his brothers and sister would receive, and lo and behold he shouted, "Hurrayic!", which of course was his way of combining hurray and terrific. It seemed just the right word to me.

Now meet Ben Ben...
by: Dane (age 8)
and meet Tom...
by: Beck (age 6)

1 comment:

michael foster said...

These characters are wonderful. Dane & Beck should make a story about the adventures of Ben Ben and Tom. :)

Uncle Michael