Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yesterday was balmy, nearing mid-70s. Today is gloomy only reaching the 40s.

Yesterday I was wearing shorts. Today I'm wearing a sweater.

Yesterday we discovered a new thing. Today we're eating (ate) the new thing. New to us, at least. Koala cookies. Like little pillows stuffed with white chocolate cream. Each cookie has a printed koala on it doing some sort of activity: driving, strumming a guitar, painting, working out. One is even doing a handstand! So cute and tasty, not too sweet. They sort of remind me of these cookies with which my mom bribed my brother and me into better behavior. And a cheap bribe at that!

Yesterday I bought a bunch of Gerberas. Today we're enjoying them.

Spring is only a few days away!


Miss Frugality said...

Those Koala cookies look very tasty and I love the Gerberas shots...very cheerful :-)
Just in case you didn't get my email the fabric is all yours.Let me know if you still want it and I'll send it to you.

Em said...

Beautiful pictures... (I love taking pictures of flowers too).

I'm glad that something I wrote on my blog resonated with you. Thanks for commenting.