Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Signs of Spring and a Sneak Peek

Yeah! More little bits of encouragement. I've been wearing shorts for the past 3 days it's been so warm. Unusual for March, but I'll take it. Looking forward to when we can actually leave the house, though. My daughter is sick with a fever. Hoping it disappears without taking more prisoners, especially before my parents visit.

I thought I'd share a new treat.
A sneak peak of something I found in a thrift store on Saturday:

I was drawn to the colors. The stitching is machine-done. It's silk, and the design reminds me of those finely decorated eggs, Pysanky. This will hopefully turn into the idea that I have in my head. Of course, getting the idea from there down through my fingers is another story. Ability and time and too many things to accomplish. Maybe I should write a to-do list? With a particular dead-line? I like the notion of 10::10. Hmmm.


AmeliaB said...

Spring! We have been wearing shorts for the last few days too. Have you read the book "Chicken Sunday?" amazon page It has the eggs in it. The fabric is so lovely. Such a lucky find.


Mirre said...

Such beautiful spring photos!