Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Springtime Dissection

I almost let it slip by...the official arrival of spring. It was in the mid-70s here (probably a storm coming in the next few days because of the change in temperature - but that's another matter). With my oldest celebrating his birthday, I almost forgot. Sometimes his birthday falls on the 1st day of spring and sometimes not. I'm glad it's a different day this year.

Too bad I don't have any springy pictures to share, but I do have some springtime science. My daughter pulled apart the wilting Gerberas with the intention of pressing them, but soon forgot, and let them sit for an extra day. Their petals began to curl, their colors darkened. She swept them into a little pile and asked me what to do with them. My initial reaction was to throw them out, but then I photographed them because... just because.

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