Friday, March 30, 2007

The Virtues of Jell-O and A Completed WIP

In honor of the completion of my WIP project (well, not really...the kids just wanted this), I made some strawberry and berry blue gelatin. Tasty, I have to say. That made me think of the other virtues of this edible invention:
1. A feast for the eyes with its vast array of colors and its transparent jewel-like qualities.
2. A feast for the ears with its tempting-sounding flavors (who can't resist margarita or strawberry-kiwi?)
3. An easy, cheap and kid-pleasing dessert.
4. An easy, cheap and kid-pleasing 'medicine'.
5. A fun way to explore science with its dissolving, congealing and dissolving-again properties.
6. It makes great dye for knitting and crocheting.
7. And where would our language be without the invention of jello? We would have no word with which to make a simile. What would we be able to compare our cellulite thighs or our weak stomach muscles to?

But enough of that. Now for my bag:

I'm sort of pleased with it. Pleased that it's finished. I won't show you the inside because then the mistakes would be apparent. Next time, I'll make a working pattern first and then using my other pattern directions as samples, I'll type up a do-in-order-list as a reminder for any future bags. But it'll get used - definitely big enough for the largest of library books or a trip to the local farmer's market. I like the feel of the linen.

Can you believe that it actually used to be this?


Monique Duke said...

VERY NICE JOB! People hardly ever let me know when they use my tutorials even though I know they do, so thanks!

Mirre said...

Well done on finishing the bag!!
I love how you made it from an old dress... I'm sure you're going to love using it!

AmeliaB said...

I love your bag and of course the Jello! Your ice cream cups are adorable! The green is so lovely and "30's-ish." :-)


shiso mama said...

the bag looks great! aren't you loving the recycling? i have bags and bags of clothes that i just can't seem to get rid of (but never wear) and i'm starting to imagine a new life for them....