Tuesday, March 06, 2007

WIP: Making of a New Bag

Before I share my bag, I'd thought I'd thank all those who posted. Being a new blogger, it's very exciting (woohoo!) when receiving my first few posts. So, a big thank you!

I have so many ideas swirling in my head as to what to do, and I knew I'd have to settle on something to begin with. Kisskus asked what all the felt was for. That will be a later project. For now, I thought I'd try a bag of some sort. I decided to base the design on this tutorial but with a few changes. BUT I had a problem. Finding my sewing machine and all its parts! (we recently made a major move and things are still unpacked) However the sewing machine was found, matching thread was found, and this is what I have so far - the fabrics picked out and the bottom of the bag sewn together. I'm using a thrifted placemat from Martha, a thrifted linen dress (much too small for me) and fabric from my stash.

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