Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Take Out or Not to Take that the Question?

I love to cook, and the only aprons I have are 2 my mom made for me and 1 I was given as a thank-you present for a wedding I helped cater. Well, that wedding happened almost 14 years ago! (where has all the time gone?). Anyway, although those aprons are well-used and appreciated, they are worn, stained & frayed.

About a year ago, I saw Amy's Tie One On site and thought I'd like to give it a try. But never did. I saw her challenge for this month: rick rack! An old-fashioned but fun trimming. So I sewed a reversible apron using rick rack, felt, a felted cut-up sweater and cotton canvas. I call it my Take-Out/Anti-Take Out Apron.

Take-Out Side
At first it was just going to be an anti-take-out-stay-at-home-and-cook apron, but then being someone who actually enjoys take-out and restaurants on occasion, I changed it to a reversible apron. So depending upon my mood & time constraints, I can tell my husband and whoever else is interested, where dinner will be on any given night.

Anti-Take-Out Side


Miss Frugality said...

It's great to have choices! Love the apron.

Mirre said...

What a wonderful apron... and so useful :)

Sharon said...

Wow, such a creative apron. Adorable!