Monday, May 14, 2007

Moms & Mummies

Alstroemeria and the Unification of Egypt
Saturday was my 2nd son's 9th birthday party. The theme? Ancient Egypt. A very difficult theme to find things for. They made double crowns, wrapped each other in toilet paper (too bad I couldn't recycle it!), jumped over the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile, stamped their names in hieroglyphics and generally ran amuck. The weather cooperated, providing us with a very desert-like, hot day.

Notice the perfectly scaled model!

What was left after the mummies escaped from their wrappings: poor tree!
Sunday was nice and bright. Homemade cards and a homemade lunch from my children and husband. Lemon chicken with sundried tomatoes, asparagus and swiss chard. Yum. Double yum even though it took them twice as long to make it! At least I didn't have to cook or clean up.

Here is the sneak peek present that I made in time for my mom: washcloths. I used this very simple and easy pattern. I think I may make a few more, varying the stitch and colors. If you're looking for other free patterns, I found a gold mine here and here. Haven't checked out all the links, so peruse at your own risk.

The loose knitter strikes again.
I learned to knit the continental aka German way. And with holding the long needle beneath my left armpit so that it's relatively immobile. Although for me this is a very fast method, I guess I'm learning that my knitting tension is very loose and sometimes results in redos. The first attempt at the washcloths (not shown) was unraveled, the recommended needles quickly exchanged for 1 whole size smaller. The cloths still ended up a bit loose, but oh well. They'll do the job.


Di said...

The pyramid cake is great!! I hope your son and his friends had a great time!

I love the washcloths too! I tried knitting the continental way but like you I have difficulty keeping tension and have never mastered purl!!

Mirre said...

That cake is amazing! Did you make it?