Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birds and Blueberries

There is nothing more irritating than driving 45 minutes to a pick-your-own blueberry patch, eager to sample the fresh berries, ripe from the sun and feeling like velvet in your fingers, only to find that when you arrive, there are very few berries to fill your oversized bucket! What makes it doubly doleful is that we actually called ahead to find out about the berries and were told, "Sure, there's plenty to pick." Hmmm...

But the day was not lost. We ended up buying several pints of already-picked berries: red raspberry, black raspberry, cherry and of course, blueberries. We packed a picnic lunch of cheese and crackers, ham, apples, chips and molasses cookies. Yum. And we listened to Celtic music and a book on tape in the car. So not so much a waste of time as originally thought. As I uploaded these photos, I remembered our recent trip to a nearby zoo and the baby birds that we saw. Can you guess what this is?

A baby peacock called a peachick.

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