Monday, June 25, 2007

Hurrayic Hiatus

Just call it playing hookey or perhaps hibernation... my lack of blogging has been horrific to say the least. I haven't even done fun stuff like knitting or sewing, but I have cooked a lot, sewn seeds in pots, edited my 'book', visited a zoo and an art museum, looked at (not necessarily read) tons of library books, continued to paint our kitchen and finished homeschooling. (Well, not quite finished but at least shifted into our 'summer' school schedule.)

A very nice road trip to Cape May and NYC at the tail end of May, took all our time. It was much too short a visit with our families, but still enjoyable. I've been so out of the loop with blogging that I've missed quite a few neato and creative things from others: Shiso Mama's new look to her blog, Yarnstorm's visit to NYC, Cheeky Beak's new colorway, Knitting Iris's cloud watching stint, and Moonstitches' hydrangea. And of course there was Wee Wonderful's newest addition!

Now I have to figure out lesson plans for next year's schooling, hopefully start and finish some crafty things, and tend my 'garden'. Please note the latest and latter gardens. How I miss my previous garden, but I must say the tomatoes and cukes love this warm weather and have done a super job at growing in their assigned pots.

My former veggie garden (12' x 24' raised bed) - I miss it!

My current garden: pots on my back deck enjoying the heat!


Mirre said...

Good to have back... you've been busy!

michael foster said...

I was about to send out a search party for you. :) glad you're posting again.