Monday, July 30, 2007

And So Begins the Struggle...

I caught our very cute groundhog nibbling my sugar snap peas the other day and found the evidence he left behind yesterday: tiny green tomatoes with single bites from them littering my porch. Now he's gobbled up all my parsley. Wonder if it will grow back? Wondering too if I should get a humane trap? Or try some urine?

My sons found a praying mantis on Saturday. About 2" long. I thought praying mantids (plural of mantis) were a lot larger, but I guess they have to start somewhere. It was amazing to watch its head move from side to side as if reading a book or checking out its admirers. And how it kept its forelegs folded and close to its body was fascinating. It didn't try to escape but let my kids watch him, try to feed him a leaf, put him into a little glass jar with a paper top, and watch him some more. I guess his tactic worked; after a little bit, he was freed.

On the crafting front, I purchased several new patterns, about 12 yards of muslin and a new rotary cutter since mine has gone the way of the lost-never-to-be-found-again route (very much like a recent library audiotape). I want to try out the patterns first in muslin before using more expensive fabric. And I took a peruse through my bins of fabrics - got to start using them up.

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Amber said...

Wow, so much fun at your house! We ordered a praying mantis egg sac one year and watched them hatch. We put them in the garden and would see them periodically through the summer. We even found another egg sac in the fall but, alas, it didn't hatch... But it sure was a fun experience for us all!