Friday, July 27, 2007

Do You See Him?

Nope. You missed him. Just as I poured my morning coffee, something caught my eye on our back deck near the zinnias. I thought it was the neighbor's cat. Wrong! It was this guy. He actually sat up on his haunches and put his front paws on our windowscreen, lifted his cute little head and sniffed the air as if detecting through the windowpane, the scent of Costa Rican Tarrazu from our favorite store. I grabbed the camera and missed him! Maybe tomorrow. I found that he is living beneath our deck - smart groundhog - now he'll enjoy my potted garden.

Today was raining on and off as if it couldn't make up its mind what to do. Our poor croquet set left out in the rain. (Hmmm, that reminds me... the blue ball is lost forever down another groundhog hole in Connecticut...)

I did finally make this skirt for my daughter. We bought this pattern and fabric almost a year ago. She picked out both. She cut out the pieces. I sewed them. The photo does it no justice except that my daughter will look nice in it. (Notice the 'S-curve' pose that she has taken...) The one thing I learned from this is: I HATE GATHERS!


ellen said...

What a great skirt. I am sure your daughter will really enjoy it. Gathers do take a lot of "fussing".
Sorry I missed the groundhog. I don't think we have any around here, though we do have beavers in our creek.

Jessicah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Like the skirt- black can be so hard to photograph. We don't have groundhogs here- not even sure what they are- a pest or welcome visitor?