Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today is a ho-hum day. Nothing new. Same old, same old. Sometimes I wonder why it feels that most days are ho-hum days. I find that I need an event or goal to work towards, otherwise it becomes a week or month of ho-hums. July 4th came and went. My husband worked on our kitchen (which I will show at a later date - maybe some before and after shots), my children watched too much tv or played too many computer games and the weather was blah. Even the display of fireworks was nothing to write home about.

But we did enjoy these: Queen Anne cherries. Don't know why they're named that, but they were pretty tasty. And of course, this zinnia is showing forth its beauty (grown from my daughter's mini flower garden that she planted from seed) right outside our kitchen window.

And I have basically finished my book. Now I have to figure out how and who to send it to...

So I suppose there has been some growth, some encouragement (although slight). Hopefully I'll have more to show that is creative, inspiring, mouth-watering very soon. But for now... ho-hum.

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