Thursday, July 26, 2007

Must-Do vs. Want-Do-To

Isn't that the age-old struggle? My fingers are so sore from typing for hours and hours yesterday. But at least I got something done from my Must-Do-List. It's so much more fun to do something from my Want-To-Do-List but since I'm a member of the Procrastinator's Club, I knew that I had to do the typing. It was all for our upcoming homeschool year. I was trying to finish the entire schedule for my 2 older ones. Whew! Almost done. Have French left to do. Today, I spent several more hours trying to organize my 2 younger one's schedule. It feels somewhat satisfying to get certain items crossed off the Must-Do-List.

Now for the Want-To-Do-List. (I think I'll write that on another post in detail.) I made a mental (and visual) list of my latest finds from the library. Hopefully I'll read all of them, but don't they at least look pretty?

And Houston...we have tomatoes! Our very first garden-grown Striped German sitting in the foreground and Sun Golds, Grape, and Super Sweets in the back. Along with some cayenne peppers (not seen in the photo). We also are the proud parents of cucumbers, parsley, rosemary, chives & basil. (already made some pesto).

And I found this little fellow climbing on my need-to-be-pulled sugar snap peas. He's a lovely color! Hopefully the color of the sugar pumpkins I'm going to try and plant.

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