Friday, July 13, 2007

Promises, Pillowcases and a Pig

My potted garden is coming along nicely. Promises of good things to come: little tomatoes, basil, and sugar snap peas. (Yes, I should have planted the sugar snaps much earlier than I did for this climate, but we are getting a few handfuls none the less.) Why is it that garden veggies, freshly picked and warm from the sun, taste sooooo good and hardly make it into the house? "Mmmm! Mmmm! S'Wonderful!" exclaimed my son after eating a sugar snap. I whole-heartedly agree.

My daughter's zinnias are also coming along, although I do think we planted too many in too tight a space. They're rather spindly, but pretty.

A search at a local thrift store produced these: some pillowcases (not soiled, surprisingly), a Vera tablecloth complete with white fringe, blue Ball glass, and 2 tiny baskets. (The blue insulators I already owned - just thought it looked nice in the photo!)

And... in addition to my pile of gardening and cook books that a recent visit to the library yielded to me (I think the nice librarians are getting to know my world record for the most books out on one card at one time) ... I came home with this:

Very good read so far. I love food and cooking and there's something romantic about French things. It's a very warm and funny book. Makes me pine for living in Provence on a farm. Without the muck and mire, bien sur.

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Mirre said...

Lovely summer-y photos!