Friday, August 03, 2007

C is for Cooking

I recently counted my current cookbooks: 43. That may be a small number for some and a large for others. Before we moved, I gave away to a thrift store many other cookbooks in an attempt to declutter and widdle down my collection. If I counted the # of recipes snipped from various magazines or printed from various sites, they probably would fill another 10 books! Fortunately for me, they only fill 2 file folders and this handsome box my husband made for me the 1st year we were married. He'd be ashamed of its quality (he's so much better at woodworking now) but I love it, stained and all.

I have to qualify my love of cooking though. I usually don't like to cook everyday meals - they're sort of ho-hum and time has a way of dictating what you do. In fact, many days I actually dread the dinner hour. What I really like to do is cook for others; cook for my husband; cook on a weekend with time to spare; encourage my children to try new dishes; experimentation.

My interest in eating began the day I was born (or before I suppose), but my interest in cooking started in college. (Maybe I got the 'wrong' degree?) My mom taught me some things beforehand and I learned a lot from simply reading magazines and borrowed library books. My roommate and my then future-husband were my guinea pigs!

My first cookbook was from my uncle: San Francisco Encore. Wonderful! I have the hardback which apparently is no longer printed. I read it like a novel.

My favorite cooking sites? There are too many to list, but these have so many neat ideas.
Wild Oats
Whole Foods
Williams Sonoma
Joy of Baking
Care2 Greenliving

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Cami said...

I'm so happy to see you partcipating in this meme! I love your blog - you take the most beautiful photos!