Sunday, August 05, 2007

D is for Dulcimer

I have 2 mountain dulcimers and 1 hammered dulcimer we bought on a pre-kids camping trip to Maine. (My husband made it from a kit, changing the heart-shaped sound holes to circular ones, thankfully.)

Now I have to be careful to say that I HAVE dulcimers and not that I PLAY dulcimers. I did take mountain dulcimer lessons for about 1 year and would like to take lessons again. It's sort of a shame that they're sitting safely in their cases beneath my bed, waiting patiently to be pulled out and appreciated.

I love the sound of the instrument. My first exposure to it was when I heard Claudia Schmidt at a concert during my college years. I was enraptured. That year, my parents surprised me with my first dulcimer as a birthday gift: a Blue Lion.

We bought our second one a few years later; a base dulcimer that sounds more like an acoustic guitar. The wood is rubbed with something that reminds me of Ben-Gay. Odd, but sort of pleasant.


Amber said...

Glad to see you're participating in the ABC Meme! I love the hammered dulcimer. We had a local musician play his during our wedding 15 years ago. Ah, it was a good memory, up until recently----though the sound is still something soothing to my soul.

ellen said...

OOO, I have a dulcimer from the North Ga. Mts. I can't tell you how old it it back in the 70's when we lived outside of Atlanta. It's sadly in my closet. I never knew how to read music...I can sing along, tell when a note is off, and play a melody by ear...but beyond that...whoo!