Friday, August 10, 2007

H is for Homonym

OK, technically, examples above & below are homophones, but according to Garfield, homophone is the first definition given when you look up the word homonym. Besides, I like the sound of homonym on the tongue. It's funny. Somehow I always have this tune in my head when I say it. Trying to teach some homonyms to my children (along with synonyms and antonyms) can be quite confusing. So they helped me make some visual examples of homonyms: Can you guess what they are?


ellen said...

You and your children are too clever for words. What a great post! Super. said...

I get them all except for the shoes and peeling set.

Amy said...

The first one is stumping my hubby and I. What is the second photo?

Otherwise I guess


does the first one rhyme too?

Great blog!

Amy Lu