Sunday, August 12, 2007

J is for Jack...

... of all trades but master of none. That's definitely how I feel at times. I have so many ideas, interests, responsibilities but I feel also so spread out and spread thin that I haven't made/had time to devote to one area. Hence the feeling of no real expertise.

Perhaps I need to 'apprentice' with someone like in the olden days? Recently I read Berlin's Whimsy post and I've wondered what I would like to do when I grow up.

Here's my list:
Chef, Print Designer, Small Restaurant Owner, Tiny Bookstore Owner (like one from "You've Got Mail"), Writer (who actually gets paid), Costume Designer, World Traveler, Yarn Store Owner, Yarn Buyer, Archaeologist, Photographer for let's say National Geographic, History Professor, Poet, Bead Buyer, Organic Farmer or maybe the owner of a Bed and Breakfast near the mountains or near the sea. (We have neither near us where we're living right now.)

Whew! Of course those are just the things off the top of my head...Think I can do all that by the time I grow up?

I have to remind myself though, that I am here now, and I have certain things that need to be attended to and I have a wonderful family and feel very blessed by the Lord. Maybe someday I'll have time to do other things and gain more expertise.

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kirsten schueler said...

i feel like that a lot! i love to sew, embroider, paint, play with clay, make jewelry, draw, collage, assemble things, take photos, make purses, make shoes, weave, basketry. you name it. i got an BA in art. which i call the jack of all trades art degree. sometimes i feel like i don't have a specialty either. i just like to to call it well rounded! i too feel extremely blessed by the Lord. He takes such good care of me.