Tuesday, August 14, 2007

L is for Library

Two of our bookcases at home in the 'school' room.

Did you know that librarians are like apples? 1 rotten one can spoil the whole bunch. But the reverse can be true as well.

Since moving to a new area of the country, we've been somewhat disappointed in the librarians at one library but have been pleased with the librarians at another. We're such avid library users (albeit dvd and movies more than books for my children- ugh!), that we do appreciate the nice and helpful librarians!

With all the talk and hype and 'convenience' of e-books, I hope and think the library will always have a place of importance. People like to physically touch and hold the wealth of information at their fingertips! Can't exactly curl up with a good e-book in bed!

My New Zealand friend (also an avid library user) said you could always tell the quality of a town/city/village by its library and what books it has available to share.

Now there is something better than a library, however: a library book sale!

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