Wednesday, August 15, 2007

M is for Messy!!!

I say that with such emphasis! This has always been a problem with me. Messiness. Growing up my room looked as if a whirlwind had hit it. Now with my own home and family to take care of, I still battle the chores. I really don't like to clean. Who does? However, I admit that I feel better and can think more clearly when our rooms are straightened and neat. My biggest problem areas? Papers, craft supplies and children's toys. And perhaps we have too much stuff.

My youngest told me recently that he liked our new house because it had a basement (finished) but he didn't like it because it meant more to clean. Such wisdom from a 7-year-old.

And as my mom told me, there is a difference between homemaking and housekeeping. She said I was a good homemaker but...


Claire Louise Milne said...

I see you too have a new home, so much work but rewarding in the end. thanks for the visit :-)

Deirdre said...

I love a clean room; I hate to clean.

It seems such a waste of time -- it'll need cleaning again so why do it now?

Plus it seems so overwhelming when I think of all the corners and baseboards and nooks that need dusting. I'll vaccum gladly but dusting? not so much.

The only way I can clean is if I do a major rearranging of a room. Then I will dust and wash and scrub with vigor because I'm working on a project.

But daily or weekly cleaning?


ellen said...

I do like a clean, neat house..but I never have one. It's odd considering all my years while growing up I was a neat freak. Not any more. I get so overwhelmed with "stuff" and am organized in all areas of my life except with "stuff". I hate to clean and will do almost anything to avoid it. Now, we are having company this weekend, so guess who has to bite the bullet!