Monday, August 06, 2007

Meet the Puppies

My daughter was at it again with her Sculpey. She made some dogs for a Make-it-Yourself Monopoly game she had received a few years back. She so wants a dog of her own but we just can't have one (allergy in the family) nor do I want one at the moment. So for now, she is making these little pups:

A Golden Retriever

A Beagle

A Chocolate Lab

A Dalmatian

A Corgi

and A Westie (her favorite)


Sharon-Faith River Coordinator said...

These are so precious! said...

Aww, those are very cute. I love the texture detail on the Westie, but I think the Corgi is my favorite.

michael foster said...

wonderful dogs. she is getting so good. so, when can we expect a How To book on Sculpey Sculture from her? :)

ellen said...

Your daughter has a real talent there! Those pups are adorable. I love the expressions on each of their faces...and the fact that they have distinct personalities.
My "moon" is a pumpkin vine and it is amazing how fast they are growing. I do have another vine, but am not sure what it is. Sometimes when I've had pumpkins, squashes or gourds in the house and they start "decomposing", I open up the door off of the kitchen and hurl them out into the garden spot..therefore we do have these mysteries. It's a good thing we are in the country with no neighbors!
Thanks so for stopping by!

Mirre said...

These are so adorable!!

School for Us said...

Oh, I love your daughter's puppies. So cute!!!