Monday, August 20, 2007

O P & Q

I'm losing a little steam with this alphabet meme, so I combined a few letters today:
O is for Organic

Everything seems cyclical. For everything there is a season...
It's nice to see where our food comes from. Until a few years ago when I joined a CSA, I didn't know that brussel sprouts grew on a huge stalk. I thought they came as little balls in a waxed bucket from the grocery store. Only kidding! But to tell the truth I didn't know exactly how they grew. And I know our garden is small-scale and it's basically for pleasure versus need, but it has been a good thing for my kids (and me) to be involved with.

There seems to be a resurgence of interest in organic things recently. Read the newspaper, visit the bookstore, listen to the news; there's sure to be something said about organic: Organic A-Z; Organic Housecleaning; Real Food (as opposed to 'fake' food); Eating Locally, the list goes on and on...

We don't eat everything organic (too costly and impractical) but I do try in small ways to do so. And I like the fact that I'm attempting to buy more local foods and eat seasonally. Like my husband reminds me about other things - when you get used to having certain foods once in a while, it seems more special, and you appreciate it more.

P is for Piano

I play, my older 2 are taking lessons, I'm trying to teach lessons to my 3rd child, and my littlest one wants to learn too.

Q is for Quiet

Question: Why is it that I have to SHOUT the word QUIET when that is what I desire? Hmmm...

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ellen said...

You take the most beautiful pictures...and I love your last comment on shouting out "Quiet!" Don't we all do that?