Friday, August 03, 2007


I made a pair of pants today - 2 actually. One pair was my 'practice pants', made from some of the 12 yards of muslin I purchased on Saturday. (I won't show you those - they made me look like a beached beluga!) Good thing I practiced! I had to tweak the pattern a bit; add a little across the rear; take away the pockets (made me look fatter with them sewn in); change them into more capri length (my daughter's suggestion). After those tweaks, the 2nd pair (above) was a breeze to sew.

I used this pattern and the fabric is some batik that I had in my ever-growing pile of fabrics. I think I'm going to try a different pant pattern next. Maybe one with a slightly narrower leg. But first, another 'practice' pair just in case.

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ellen said...

I love the description "beached beluga", although I misread it as "bleached beluga" twice!
I have an old pair of pants I keep saying that I am going to use for a pattern, haven't done it of these days.