Tuesday, August 21, 2007

R, S & T

R is for Risk-Taker

I am not a risk-taker (in most things). I suppose having children makes me a risk-taker in a matter of speaking: you will always be surprised.

S is for Smile
Smiling is a favorite past-time of mine. That is, when I'm not frowning (which seems to be another past-time of mine). When I was in junior high, I was nicknamed 'Smiley'. Unsure it was meant as a compliment or not. I have deep smile lines on my face now. I suppose that's good.

Isn't it amazing how some people's faces/expressions can change so drastically with a simple raising of the lips? And how a smile can ward off a grumpy old mood from others? It's like magic.

T is for Thinker

... as in Rodin's famous statue. This is me. I'm more a thinker than a do-er. If only I could have gotten graded on my thinking in school, I would have aced everything and graduated summa cum laude. If only I could do half the things I think of now, I'd be a supermom/superwoman!

I like to make lists, I like to plan, I like to dream. But seldom do I act on those things. I guess it sort of goes hand in hand with my lack of risk-taking?

But to be a thinker has a positive spin too: My mom said that she's visited exciting places all around the globe, made all kinds of creative things, always said the right things at the right times... in her mind. So I guess I have accomplished much!

Thinker or Do-er: What are you?

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Amber said...

Oh, I'm so much more of a thinker than a do-er! My brain is always working and coming up with ideas but rarely do they come to fruition. I love the idea of a think-tank; it sounds like fun!!