Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Goodies & Bananas

Some goodies that came in the mail:

:: fabric scraps from my Scrap Swap partner

Thank you, Jen!

:: a subscription to Victoria and a copy of this book. Thanks, Mom!

Some things I made from brown bananas:

Banana Oat Chocolate Chip Muffins from Foster's Market Cookbook

Or should I say I attempted to make? For some reason (blame it on my husband talking to me or perhaps my own forgetfulness of recent?) I completely forgot to add the 3 sticks of butter (don't gasp - I doubled the quantities of everything) to the recipe. The 3 sticks, which dutifully melted in the microwave, sat in the microwave untouched while the muffins gleefully baked in the hot oven. The recipe tasted good, but was a little dry. I'll try it again but will have to give the muffins my undivided attention next time. The recipe was from Foster's Market Cookbook.

Bananas Foster

I also made Bananas Foster (hmmm... do I detect a theme?) and served it over ice cream. This batch didn't have any rum in it. I was too lazy to add it in and ignite it. My family enjoyed it nonetheless, and it was gone in one sitting, bowls licked clean.

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