Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mystery Cards Giveaway

No, it's not my 100th post and no, it's not my blog's 1 yr anniversary. It's cleaning out time. Yes, I admit that it is a little odd right now to 'clean out' being that we're entering fall and not spring, but I say... no better time than the present. (As a queen of procrastinators, do I really say that?)

Anyway, I thought I'd start small and give a few cards from my card collection away. I've always had a penchant for paper and have collected cards throughout the years. Some with the intention of actually using and some with the sole purpose of collecting. Every once in a while I'd take them out to admire them, place them in new piles, shove them back in their containers and return them to their shelf or under-bed storage. A few days ago, I took them out, looked at them yet again and realized:

a. my tastes have changed
b. I have too much 'stuff'
c. maybe someone else could actually use them?

So, if you'd like a mystery cards packet
(think Let's Make a Deal's mystery curtains)
send me a comment. I'll keep the giveaway open a few days and then pull names out of a hat. I have 10 packets to give away, each with roughly 10-12 cards in them. Have fun!

P.S. - There are no inappropriate cards - don't worry.

P.P.S. - Sorry the pictures are so gloomy. It's raining here today, which in many many ways is a good thing (we've needed the rain), but it's not so good for photographs.


ellen said...

I would love some..and I do enjoy your pictures and reading your bog, so count me in. Thanks!

ikkinlala said...

I'd be interested in a mystery cards packet, if Canadians are eligible for your draw.

michael foster said...

hey, I got mine in the mail the other day! I actually see one of them in the photo. Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks to my niece and nephews :)