Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm still attempting to return to a rhythm:
of school, of chores, of piano, of reading, of crafting, of writing, of blogging...

Things that I want to add to the rhythm: photography, baking, soup-making, deep breaths, knitting, tag-sales, dates with my husband, more deep breaths, letters, one-on-one time with my children, dreaming about next year's garden, listening to music, family time... (the list is endless).

Things that I need to add to the rhythm: organizing, cleaning, finishing the kitchen, meal-planning... all those things that are not necessarily fun but could bring the want list to fruition?

Trying to save some basil for the long winter ahead.

Today was busy and time was short. My husband is sick with a head cold. The kids were inundated with lessons and I was getting 4 Viking ships ready and listening to lots of Baroque music for my homeschool classes tomorrow, so I made a comfort-food dish tonight: shepherd's pie.

This one has ground beef and 'dump spices' (aka LOTS of herbs and spices thrown in for taste with no measuring at all).


kirsten schueler said...

oh the things of life. i need more dates with my hubby too...

Cami said...

I can't seem to get into a rhythm either. Too many things pulling me in too many directions. Starting up school again, but still wanting to go the river "for the last time"; wanting to nest, but needing to change everything over from summer to winter. It's messin' with my head!
PS I have basil rooting in water on my countertops, too!