Monday, October 22, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday we took a walk in a nearby park. I realized that we must do this more often. It was a small park with some hiking/walking trails, and it was wooded! It had trees! Something I've missed since our move. The weather was perfect: breezy, sunny, no humidity. The kids traipsed through the very-dry stream, jumping or hopping from rock to rock, collecting fossils and stirring up the muck in the bottom of the riverbed. I could have spent hours searching, with head bent, for those bits and pieces of fossils. Fascinating.

It was just so good to be outdoors and breathing in fresh air and not sweating. We found a hollowed-out tree - very Lord of the Ringish. Can't you just imagine Arwen or Frodo hiding in there?


Cami said...

Once again, your photos are amazing. I especially like the acorn caps. I'm curious, what kind of fossils do you find?

Mirre said...

Autumn is beautiful... I love your photos!