Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I had two nice surprises recently. A call from a friend I haven't seen in a year and an email from a long-lost friend I haven't seen in ? years. Can't quite remember. That's how long it's been. Unfortunately.

But oh, the beauty (at least in this case) of the internet! I've searched from time to time for this friend of mine, and last night, decided I'd give it another stab. She's been on my mind for the past few years. Actually, she never left, but her memories were fading, weaving in and out of the grind of daily life.

Now I just have an enormous giddy smile on my face. I feel it's the beginning of a possible new and welcomed season in our lives. At least in mine. And I think in hers too.

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ellen said...

Oh, I know that feeling of being reconnected after years and years. Unfortunately, it's a hard thing to accomplish when there is a friend out there who probably married and you have no idea what her married name is.
I am happy for you.