Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last week was very busy with a Christmas dinner, a youth group meeting, a Cantata and a Homeschool Parent night for our co-op. Whew! It was fun, but I'm glad all those things are checked off and done.

Sumo thong: machine felted and stretched over a box.

Between piano lessons, math and language arts, buying and cooking food for 90 women, I did manage to squeeze in another step for my mom's gift - felting. And after a trip to a local yarn store to check my knitting pattern (I was doing something wrong and couldn't figure out what. Thankfully they were a great help!), I ripped out what I had begun and restarted the next step.

We also had a moment of quiet to enjoy some cookie-making with the kids. I was thankful that this year's dough event went smoothly, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

In past years, I either:
a. made the cookies myself
b. didn't make cookies
c. ended up in a foul mood while making cookies

You know... having to listen to bickering about who gets the rolling pin first, which cookie cutter is better, 'he made more than I did', etc etc etc. Sort of squelches the festive mood!

This year there was none of that! We only made 1 type ~ Cocoa Spice ~ our favorite. Sometimes we decorate them with marbled icing but mostly they remain simple and unadorned. Their appeal is more their taste than their prettiness. Very good with coffee. Full and spicy!

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