Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Need for a Hand Model

I finished my first pair of fingerless mitts using double-pointed needles! The first one took me many many hours to complete. I had to get accustomed to holding the needles and making sure my 'corners' were nice and tight. It was ridiculously slow. But the second one was so easy I wondered why it had taken me so long to even attempt dpns. Now that it's done, I'll be making a second pair for me and then a pair for my daughter with some size adjustments.

I do have to say however, where are the hand models with the beautiful photogenic hands? You know... the ones used for Palmolive ads? Or the ones showing off diamond rings? My hands are slightly wide, need a good dose of lotion (my kids say I have 'snake skin' hands), and I've never liked my fingernails, so don't look at that part of the photo, okay? I knit a 2/2 rib on size 7 dpns with half a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in #6275 "Pea Soup Mix". Apropos name, I think.

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