Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Usually I get inspired about 2 months before a major holiday to knit madly, holding onto the idea that I'll become a year-round knitter and enjoy all the textures and colors that yarn has to offer; not just in the dead of winter, but when it's nearing 98 degrees and every time in between.

But then I fizzle out. I'm a fizzler.

Another interest, creative pursuit, takes hold of me, and sadly, my knitting time suffers. Don't get me wrong - I love yarn, I love visiting yarn shops, I love pouring over yarn magazines and books - all very inspiring stuff! It's just that I like to multi-task, and I'm event-oriented, and if there's not an event to shoot for, then somehow I just wander aimlessly around with half-finished projects calling my name...

But not this time (hopefully).

My renewed interest in knitting is not waning. Maybe it's because I'm learning new stitches and trying new patterns. That, and the fact that there's a very nice yarn shop just 'round the corner...

Before Christmas, I found this wonderful hand-painted sock yarn (at least I'm going to use it for socks - my first pair, mind you). It's Araucania's Ranco Multy in colorway #307. The colors remind me of a good ol' fashioned tie dye t-shirt, well worn, well loved. Good thing I was forewarned about what threads NOT to snip when I went to wind it on my swift. There were many threads keeping the skein from tangling and quite a few of them were actually PART of the skein. The nice girl at the aforementioned shop 'round the corner thankfully told me which threads to snip and which to keep. Otherwise, you'd be staring at several smaller mounds of yarn right now. Hopefully these will turn into swirly socks from this book.

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