Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunshine for a Cloudy Week

Well, actually today is beautifully sunny, but this past week was on and off with clouds ~ typical I suppose for this time of year and this area of the country. I sat looking at the huge bowlful of oranges I had bought - navel ones - very juicy and sweet - and wondered what to make with them. I stumbled upon this blog and was inspired to make the orange cake that she made.

So after a few mathematical adjustments, I got to work. Funny thing though, as I was in the process of making it, the name of the original recipe's author, Claudia Roden, was sticking in my mind. She is well-known of course. I even borrowed this lovely book of hers from the library. But it was more than that. Where had I heard her name? Very close by, I realized. After searching my shelf (well, my floor right now), I realized that I own one of her cookbooks, a cookbook that I had bought at a second-hand store many many years ago. And bingo! I had the very same recipe at hand.

Did the kids like it? Not too much. But my husband and I loved it. I'll definitely make it again ~ very easy. And like Mettes Potteri says, it IS very cozy and it should last a week, but it won't!

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Diane said...

what serendipity to learn you had the recipe book with that same recipe! It looks and sounds wonderful, though I have a weakness for anything fresh and citrus. Love your colourful photos.

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