Friday, February 01, 2008

The Dreaded Red Pencil

Where did Friday go? I was looking for it, but it must have slipped away from me, unnoticed. It seems that most of my Fridays are that way. I wake up, rush rush rush and then off to classes, finish classes in a blur, rush home to rest...

This Friday was a bit different though. This was the Find-out-how-you-did-on-your-midterm-quiz-that-you-didn't-study-for Friday. (yes, I've created a very long word) Only I wasn't the one who had taken the quiz; I had given it. To my musical composers class. Yes, the dreaded red pencil marks (remember those?) were decorating everyone's papers. It was rather festive looking, but I'm glad that's over with.

Now for some happier news. I sent in a submission for the Tie-One-On theme. The sneak peak is above.

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