Monday, February 25, 2008

The Lady is Amazing!

Mini Swap 3, originally uploaded by pichurrayic.

Yes, she is. To whom am I referring? No, not my mom (although she is a very amazing woman herself - love you, Mom!). I am referring to Kristen of Kleas fame. She was my both my Mini Swap 3 partner and my Scent of Water Photo Swap recipient. By the way, what are the odds of that? Hmmm... 2 different swaps headed by 2 different people...I get the same person to swap with. Not that I'm complaining...

But that's off the topic.

Kristen sent us these fun and beautiful items for the Mini Swap. And she did it a few days after giving birth to her 2nd child. Wow! Double Wow. Or is that Wow Wow? Anyway, look at the goodies she sent. My children were thrilled. Thank you so much, Kristen.

And this are some of the handmade things we sent her (and of which I hinted about here and here):

Clockwise from top left: a clay monkey from my daughter, a paint-your-own sword & shield (made by my husband), a treasure bag from a thrifted felted sweater, and paper puppets made by my younger sons.


kristin said...

you are SO welcome!! i LOVE your mosaic photo of everything. how did you do it?? it was very lucky indeed of me to get two swaps from you. thanks again for is all wonderful

deb said...

wow! there's some great stuff here.
the paint your own sword&shield are an especially nice idea.