Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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Yesterday my two older ones took a writing workshop... My fingers gripped the steering wheel as we wound our way through treacherous conditions, the white of the snow squall hazing our path. I could feel perspiration form on my upper lip. My heart skipped a beat... Actually, no. They did go to a workshop yesterday but not in that manner. The roads were clear, it was only flurrying on and off, and we arrived safely in one piece. But didn't that first way sound more interesting? They learned quite a bit from the visiting author. Very fun. Now they just need to incorporate some of those things into their own work.

My 2nd son is working on a frog project. He's been busy looking at books and videos and collecting information on all kinds of disgusting but fascinating facts about frogs. Did you know that some frogs are picky eaters? If they don't like the taste of a particular insect, they just throw up their entire stomach (it actually comes out of their mouths), let the offender out then swallow their organ again. Pretty handy, I say!

I'm working on a colorful idea for the kids to do inside & outside which I'll post later. This is a sneak peek.

And I'm toying with an idea of some crafty cards. Maybe a club... we'll see.

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randi---i have to say said...

My boys loved learning about frogs because they are so very interesting. A very "boyish" topic!