Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sugar Rush: Part 2

My husband was away all during Valentine's week, and so we celebrated belatedly when he returned. I gave him this and these.

He gave me a g.c. to a yarn shop (yeah!) and these pale pink tulips since he knows how I 'hate' roses. Actually I like roses, particularly the more unusual and vintage kinds. I think it's just that I dislike getting the norm, the commercialness of roses for that day. A hand-picked bouquet of wildflowers from him is more my speed. If only wildflowers grew around here in the middle of winter! Our presents exchanged were nice, but simply having him back with me is sweetest. How often we take each other for granted. Now we just need to do more of this:

and this:

and this (something my 7-year-old said to me out of the blue, totally unprompted):

"I know, Mom... C and A can watch over D and me so you and Dad can go out and do relaxing!"

Exactly my sentiments.

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Jessica said...

I love tulips too...and the old fashioned cabbage-type roses. I'm so ready for spring!