Saturday, February 09, 2008

WIPping and Completing

Here are a few items in the making:

My first sock. Yes, I said that this other one might be my first one, but I changed my mind (this happens a lot), so now this green one is my first attempt. Actually what you're seeing is the very first attempt which I ripped it out and started over again. But so far so good. Getting to the heel part, however, may require a visit to the little yarn shop 'round the corner again for some tips. I did get a video from the library and watched it a little too late in the evening so for some reason the images didn't make contact with my memory.

My daughter gearing up for Valentine's Day.


Here are a few items we finished:

My daughter's contribution to the Mini Swap 3 that she finished a few days ago. Can't tell you what it is - that would give away the secret. But I can tell you this little guy is sitting atop a lovely, double-chocolate brownie waiting to make his debut.

Cleaning today like banshees, 'we' (my husband and sons) cleaned the floor with old toothbrushes and sponges. I say... wow! Whose floor is this? Certainly not ours.

And a black raspberry crumble with maple syrup. I had to use up 2 quarts worth of raspberries before they went bad. It was very good.

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