Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I wish I could say it was with more crafty-like ventures that I was so busy, but the past few days were really filled with many needed-to-get-done items. And in some ways, that brings satisfaction too, but it's not the kind I jump up and down about while wearing a huge grin. However, if I stop and consider the small items, the seemingly mundane things, I am thankful for much like:

completing the first part of our crusader costumes for our co-op class ~ only 7 more classes to go (yeah!)

sending out payment for bills (oh joy, but at least it's done)

getting our taxes ready to be sent to our tax-man (double joy)

trying to wash out the vintage smell from some fabrics (okay, so this wasn't so mundane...)

making dentist and doctor appointments (much overdue)

having to listen to heart and soul played repeatedly on the ivories (twinkling they were not)

enjoying banana layer pies that my daughter made and which we enjoyed with friends on Sunday (even if she didn't clean up afterwards ~ okay, not a mundane thing either, at least the pie eating part).


ellen said...

Great pictures! How do you get the "vintage" smell out? I have some VERY old linen (colored print) that smells moldy. What would you suggest? I'd rather not send it to a dry cleaner? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hurrayic said...

Actually I had to wash it a second time through. If that doesn't work completely, I'll probably look up some alternatives on the internet- I'm sure there must be some sort of recipes out there.

Berlinswhimsy said...

Ah, but it's all worthwhile.

I must tell you again that my daughter LOVES the cat bag!! She is wearing it non-stop. It is so cute slung over her shoulder with her friend notebook popping out the top...

Thank you so much.