Friday, March 07, 2008

Do's, Don'ts & Weather

We are snowed in today. Enjoying it. Thankful to be home in a warm house and not out driving. I think all the transplanted New Englander's (like we are) or basically any group of people used to piles and heaps of snow, may scoff at this amount. However since this area of the country doesn't see too much snow, and therefore the plowing and salting and dirt-laying of roads is a bit... ahem, unprepared, I am glad that we've finished our errands early and don't need to go out again. I hope to use this snowed-in opportunity to do 2 very opposite things: cleaning and creating. We'll see.
I just got the above illustration and these in my email today and thought I'd share it. If you don't already know about Dover Publications, check it out and sign up for their free samples. You end up getting samples sent every week or so. I've been doing this for several years. Lots of goodies to save and use.

My older two are studying weather and trying to learn the cloud names. They try to rattle them off while we drive in the car. (good entertainment) And we like Eric Sloane, the author/illustrator of all of these pictures/books and many more. And speaking of clouds and snow and weather, (sorry this post is more disjointed this time) I've also been enjoying these examples:

Clouds and Lines & Shapes
Cloud Appreciation
Raindrops (scroll down to bottom)
Snowy Trees
Snow (melting)

Have a good Friday!


ellen said...

Little Kitty is up there for all to see on my blog. Thanks!

randi---i have to say said...

I love the tip about the nose hairs! too funny!