Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WIPs and Rain

WARNING: Looking at this ugly photo may cause you to faint!
Hurrayic is not liable for any trips to the emergency room
from hitting your head while losing consciousness.
Thank you.






We've never had a sump pump before moving to this very wet area of the country, and thankfully we replaced ours last year and put in a back-up battery. So far, so good. However today, my 2nd son went outside to float some boats in a tub of water and came back inside to tell me that there was water gushing from the side of our house! Well the sump pump was doing its job and pumping the water out of the house, but the tube connected to the house was dumping the water right next to the foundation in a never ending cycle. Yeah! So after a quick run to Lowe's and temporarily hooking up some black accordion tubing, I am glad to say that part of our pooling water has been abated... at least for now. (note: the picture above is a different part of the house; not the sump-pump pipe part)

Now onto some WIPs. First up:

A sock is made; the mate is in the making.

Same pattern as here, using Araucania yarn.

I like to call them my 'Grateful Dead' socks because the colors remind me of tie-dye t-shirts. Next on the list is:

A sweater from this book. I like many patterns from this book because they're relatively simple-looking classic designs and could be changed in coloring, textures and adding/removing details.

I'm using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Charcoal which is a cotton-acrylic mix. The book actually asked for a Rowan brand of yarn that is also a cotton-acrylic mix so I figured I'm covered. Had to drop a few sizes because it looked humongous once I began knitting it. (No, it's not because I've lost weight - more like my knitting was a tad loose.)
And lastly:

A pile of fabric and trim that will hopefully become my submission for Amy's Tie-One-On. The theme is Havana Nights. Only thing is...wonder if it'll make itself? Hmmm...


Sarah said...

The socks look great. I love the yarn! I just had to rip out half a sock I was making for my son because I realized I had been using the wrong size in the brackets and I only have just enough of the yarn to make one pair of socks. Oh well, practice, right?

di said...

Love your socks - will have to try to make some - but I usually bend the needles! Also - loved your felt cat purses. Di

Crazy Daisy said...

i love the colors of the sock!