Sunday, April 06, 2008


Recently I feel like a broken record... (see previous post in case you missed it) I won't bore you with the details. Same old same old is all I'll say.

On a good note however, I joined (albeit late) the 30-Day Macro Challenge brought to you by orange flower.

Even if I don't get all 30 days completed, it's still a way to practice looking and appreciating tiny and textural items around me.

Also need to finish a lunchbox, 6 buttons, a frog report, and photographs of me wearing a completed apron.

I also need to finish ordering curriculum for next year's schooling, get the oil changed twice, and hopefully work on some organization around the house. I think (hope) that spring has finally sprung around here.


Lorie M. said...

Your photos are lovely,the dandelion one is exceptional. Well done.

Jessica said...

The 30-day macro challenge sounds fun!

kristin said...

glad you joined in! i'm having a blast with it myself :) so curious what the last shot here is? a shade? also love the macro of the origami box. well done!