Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15/30 & a Foray


Today was bright blue and sunny. It began with a frost and a chill, but it warmed up throughout the day. I am happy. And thankful for such a treat in the weather.

I bought this fabric awhile ago and washed it and dried it, folded it neatly and let is sit for too long. These are not my colors, but the colors of my lunchbox swap partner. Can't tell you who it is considering it's a secret, but I can say that I finally (last night) cut into the fabric and began my foray into lunchbox making. (It's about time since the project is due by the end of next week... sigh.)

Yes, a foray. A foray, because once again, I am not using a pattern. But! It's working so far. Hopefully my swap partner will enjoy it.


cd&m said...

Just stopped by to say Hi as I'm now taking part in Karin's 30 day 30 photograph challenge.

Isdihara said...

I've really been enjoying your photographs. Thanks for postsing them!

Also, would love to see the finished lunchbox. You're such an adroit seamstress to be able to sew it up without a pattern.