Wednesday, April 16, 2008

La boîte de déjeuner est finie!

Yeah! I finished the lunchbox for Oh Franson's Swap. I thought I'd use Alta Vista to translate something into French (since my children are studying the language, and I am trying to remember 6 years worth of study myself...) Just thought it sounded more interesting than saying, 'the lunchbox is done'. However, translating the French sentence back into English doesn't quite match up, but you get the idea.

Anyway, here it is. I hope my swap partner likes it.

The drawstring bag when open.

I re-read the list of her favorite colors and realized that I've only included some of them. Oops! That's what I get for looking at the pictures on the blog and not completely reading each post of hers.

In some ways I should have used a pattern, but in other ways it was good to stretch my (lack of) seamstress skills. A little mind boggling when it came to figuring out math measurements and 'hoping' that I measured correctly.

The bottom of the bag is an IKEA soft-form basket made of polypropylene. It was part of a 2-pack; I chose the bigger of the two for the lunchbox. My children said that it's an awfully BIG lunchbox. I guess I should call it a Picnic box instead.

The basket was semi-easy to sew with - if I had a sturdier machine and more heavy-duty needles, I could have done more machine-sewing. After breaking 1 needle, I finished the bag with hand sewing. I do hope the handles hold well - that was the hardest part.

Now I just need to fill it with a few goodies and send it off. Whew!


Regina said...

oh, this is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job! The recipient will love this for sure! I haven't even started mine yet-- YIKES! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Allison Fouse said...

It looks great, and I never would have known that you didn't use a pattern. That looks like a good sized lunch "box" to me.

cd&m said...

Love the bag I'm sure your swap partner will be delighted. Loved the french too, for a moment I thought I had stumbled upon a foriegn language blog!

kristin said...

well done Ellen!! it's sure to be "love at first sight"

Hurrayic said...

Thank you for such sweet and encouraging comments!

Tab said...

This is lovely. I'm sure the recipient will adore it. The colors are so fabulously springy!

The ida of a picnic bag is wonderful. I think I may have to make up a picnic bag too this summer!