Friday, May 16, 2008

Flopsy, Mopsy...

The 4 banes or 4 boons?
free image from Clipart Etc

Cotton-tail and even baby Peter have been spotted around our yard during this springtime. Methinks that they've been living beneath our back porch.

I've seen them hopping towards the house and disappearing beneath the wooden planks. I'm guessing they're subletting the space from the groundhog? It should make for an interesting summer; I think I'll dub myself Mrs. McGregor and get my rolling pin and pie plates out...

Garden of Weeds!

Seriously though... I hope they stay out of the garden. You can't tell yet, but this area of weeds, about 20' x 14', will be our future vegetable garden. On Saturday, we removed all those weeds, flung many o' these over the fence and covered the spot with black cloth. After reassessing the amount of soil needed to fill the area and realizing that neither of us wanted to carry ???????? bags of peat, manure and soil uphill, (having a truck dump a load is out of the question) we came up with the raised bed box solution with ample walkways between boxes.

A box has been made. Four others need to be assembled, lots of digging and filling in with said soil needs to be finished and then plants and seeds can be planted. The next difficulty is watering. We're thinking weeping hoses or a sprinkler from a pole. Any suggestions?

Off topic slightly: If interested in identifying various caterpillars, I found this site to be helpful.


ellen said...

That is going to be a nice garden. My own experience with watering (we also have raised beds)has been with soaker hoses, sprinklers and of course, by hand. I do prefer soaker hoses. They water what and where you want them to, they waste less water and I think that they help keep down weeds because they are not watering other areas.Good luck with whatever your choice is. Gardens are so wonderful. Now if I could find a guy around here to get started with the heavy work, I'd be set.

Mcspannar said...

ohh another garden to watch. the frustrated green thumb (i have apartment with no balcony, even) has been keenly watching lucy locket's allotment and now i have another veggie patch to drool over. seeing that most of my vegetable growing has been in pots, i can't give any watering suggestions. one wonders what veggies will be sprouting soon.