Thursday, May 08, 2008


So as to not gross you out, I turned this packet over - that little pink bump to the left is his mesiodens.

My littlest had his extra tooth (mesiodens) pulled today. We drove over an hour each way in the pouring rain to the oral surgeon (who was great fun by the way) and back home. My little guy was a trooper and very sweet, very cooperative. After the 'gas', I had barely left him and gone to wait in the waiting room when the Dr entered with tooth in hand. Procedure done in less than 5 minutes! Whoopee!

But the poor little guy wasn't 100% quite yet. Dizziness, headache, throwing up (sorry). It lasted longer than I expected, but he seems back to normal now. How thankful I am. And he's thankful too: what a diet he has for the next day or so... yogurt, pudding, ice cream, jello, more ice cream...


Mirre said...

Poor guy :(
The diet sounds good though!

randi---i have to say said...

I hope he is feeling better today. Poor guy!