Saturday, May 03, 2008


mice on a sea of blue-green

The fog is lifting; some of the items on my shoulders are falling off (getting done). It's encouraging. Also the weather has been lovely which helps immensely. I finished my lunchbox & photo swaps, co-op classes (I did a little "we're finished" dance!), our schooling load is lightening, and now my button swap is complete. In March, I had enthusiastically signed up for the swap hosted by greetingarts and then found that time was encroaching...

same mice on a sea of red & pink

I knew I wanted to do an animal's face, and since my embroidery skills are in the beginning stages, I knew the design had to be simple. No fancy stitches with these critters. I found a wonderful tutorial on how to do embroidered covered buttons here. I used a thrifted linen napkin (the color is a little more like pale mustard than the photo shows). The little yellow cheese slices were an add-on at the last minute.

I used mainly backstitching, 'satin-like' stitches and some French knots for the ears. It was fun, but after covering 8 buttons with a button kit (did a few extra), my thumbs and forefingers are a tad sore. Does anyone use a hammer to press the backs of the buttons on? I think however, I will attempt something like this again and add it onto one my purses.

P.S. - After typing this post, I found these great mice. And of course, I remembered seeing this great tutorial on mousey and his bed , a free stuffed mouse pattern to make and then of course there's the tailor mouse and Hunca Munca. So very cute!

Have a good weekend.


French Knots said...

What sweet buttons, sounds like they were a bit fiddly to do but the finished effect is super.

Regina said...

oh my gosh, these are sooo cute!

Mcspannar said...

your post has me thinking of that classic kids poem, i think mice are rather nice.... such lovely buttons. i think i would stash instead of use because they are so special.

susan said...

adorable buttons. i am partial to mice, but i think these will go over well!

marijka said...

If the fabric is a bit thick or textured, try cutting the circles out with pinking shears, or cut shallow slits into the edge. This helps the fabric lie flat under the back plate. If the button kit comes with a rubber form for the front and a plastic tubey-thing to press in the back, you can definitely hammer it together.