Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 'Linner'

Note: Only 1 day left for the giveaway!

Wild phlox picked by sons and tulips ("just the ones I would have picked" said husband)

Happy Belated Mother's Day. This past week and weekend were very full with a piano recital, test practices, schooling, and major weeding (more of that later). Needless to say, the cards and gifts for mother's day were few and last minute. However, I realize that those things don't really matter. It was good to be together and enjoying each other's company. I did scoot out Saturday evening and bought some meal fixin's so that my children could fix 'linner' (lunch and dinner combo) and 10 tulips from the local (but fancier) supermarket. We added in some wild phlox that my boys had picked that day et voici! A beautiful bouquet.

"Look away from the camera - mom's taking a picture for her blog!"

My children set the table, poured orange juice, milk and wine into the appropriate wine glasses and served me Poulet Orange (orange chicken) and mache with tomatoes. We had pound cake with ice cream and strawberries for dessert. They even cleaned up the kitchen!

Gerberas I had planted a few weeks ago in a self-watering pot - doing well.
And yes, they're really this bright!

As I said, Saturday was spent weeding the future veggie garden and beginning to weed around the house. We need to finish some raised bed boxes for the veggies, pull out unwanted paving stones that were used by the former homeowner as flower bed edging but only look like crooked teeth right now, and yank out a 'pond'. This 'pond' consists of two barrel containers that originally were part of a 'fountain' (another former homeowner's decoration) and might have had fish or frogs living it? Right now, it looks like two barrels of mucky, soon-to-be-infested mosquito pools. Lovely.

I also have a dilemma of sorts. (A very minuscule one when you think of everything in life and probably not a dilemma at all.) The photo above is my good pot of Gerberas. And this one below...

Gerberas in another self-watering pot - trouble!

... is my 'what happened?' pot of Gerberas. I think I over-watered this one. Or maybe I killed the roots. Any ideas?

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randi---i have to say said...

I wish I could offer some advice for your plants, but I just barely keep mine alive! My advice could be dangerous!